Dave Jordan's 2010 NCAA Tournament Pool

Welcome to the 2010 Tourney Pool Website. This site provides up to date standings throughout March Madness (or March Badness if you're Bill Briggs, 2009 and 2010's last place finisher). As the tourney goes along, you will be able to see a breakdown of pics, showing how many people picked each upset, and as we approach the Final Four, a full breakdown of scoring scenarios and odds of winning.

Final Standings: 4/5/10 @ 11:30pm

Holy crap what a game! As you can see from the color scheme change, Duke is your 2010 National Champion. But it sure wasn't easy. Butler played an outstanding game hanging with the Devils right up to the last halfcourt shot which almost went in. Duke controlled the boards in the second half and did just enough to give Coach K his fourth National Championship, making him one of only three coaches to ever win more than 3 (Rupp and Wooden are the other two). Sorry UNC fans, but Roy + Dean = K.
As for the tourney pool, it's only fitting that a game that was that close has a pool that was just as close, as tiebreakers come into play for the first time. Here are your winners:
First Place: Tim Baumgardner - $450
Second Place: Chris Reckard - $188 (congrats to Dave Clary for placing 2nd with a FUN entry as well)
Third Place: Dave Jordan (via tiebreaker)- $112
Last Place: Bill Briggs - $10

If you've won, I'll get you your $ shortly. Also, newcomers ACN Reston take the Battle of the Banks. Congrats to all and we'll see you next year!

Its Butler and Duke in the NCAA Championship. Who saw that coming? Butler fought Michigan State to a standstill for 35 minutes, with neither team scoring much of anything for almost 10 minutes in the second half before they made a key putback and FT's with under a minute to go to win by two. The game everyone tuned in to see was WVU/Duke, and the offense was a bit stronger. Duke put together their best game of the season with "Triple Trouble" going for 50% from the floor and 12 three pointers. Duke ended up winning by 20 and scoring almost 80, making them the heavy favorites for Monday night.

So the odds of winning are pretty straightforward. If Duke wins, Tim Baumgardner takes first place, Chris Reckard 2nd (tied with Fun-David Clary), and Scott Suggs and yours truly would go to a tiebreaker to determine 3rd. If Butler wins, Scott Suggs wins First outright, while Tim B. and Matt Neff go to tiebreakers to determine 2nd and 3rd. As a reminder, Ties are resolved by total points in the final game. Whoever is closest wins. Happy Easter and we'll go one more update on Monday night!

ZOOOOOOB!!! The final spots in the Final Four are filled. Michigan State outlasted Tennessee in a close, hard fought contest to earn their 2nd consecutive trip to the Final Four, and their sixth trip in 12 years. In the second game, Kyle Singler, Duke's leading scorer goes scorless from the floor. Doesn't matter, as Duke outlasts Baylor anyway on the strength of their outside shooting and offensive rebouding. It's Duke's first trip since 2004, and makes Krzyzewski 11-1 in the Elite 8. Fear the Beard my friend.

You'll notice a few new links now that we're down to the final four. You can check out the Odds of Winning to see if you still have a shot at the prizes. Then check out the Scoring Scenarios to see in what scenarios you'll win.

Butler is the first team into the Final Four. This is their first appearance in school history. They pull away late from K-State who looked like the keystone cops during the last minute of the game. They'll definitely be the hometown team in Indianapolis. In game 2, West "By God" Virginia makes their first Final Four in almost 50 years by knocking off Kentucky's One Year Wonders as the third #1 seed goes down before the Final Four. Duke/Baylor and Michigan State/Tennessee will play tomorrow and fill out the Final Four.
Herman Basra has now taken over the pool lead, but it could be short lived as his NC was eliminated today. Also congrats to Bill Briggs, who's #1 bracket officially brings up the rear this year with 71 points. It's Bill's second straight year with the last place trophy. Quite an accomplishment :)

Tennessee makes its first Elite Eight in school history, knocking off #2 seed Ohio State. So much for the Midwest being a top heavy bracket, as the FF will have a team seeded #5 or lower. Meanwhile Baylor made St. Mary's look like a JV team and put on a clinic to win by almost 30. In the late games, Michigan State knocked out the last true underdog, and Duke pulled away in the second half from Purdue in a game that should have come with a barf bag after the first half.
In the pool there are footsteps approaching Darrell G as HERMANSBASRA is the big gainer with 48 points in the Great 8 Round. With 5 of 8 teams picked as a Champ by someone, it's still anybody's ball of wax. On to the Final Four!

#1 Seed Syracuse gets shot down by, who else? (the) Butler. They are the second #1 to fall so far. Kentucky made sure it wasn't a third, as they get a workmanlike win over an undermanned Cornell team. West Virginia also manages a win over the Huskies. However, the game of the night has to be Xavier/Kansas State. Game went OT. Both teams hit ridiculous shot after ridiculous shot and combine for 34 points in OT, so we go to DOUBLE OT. K State hits their FTs late and wins 101-96. What a game!

Syracuse and Ohio State win convincingly, and Michigan State wins on a buzzer beater. Cornell crashes the party as an upset winner over the badgers (sorry Jeff). West Virginia pulls away late to beat Missouri, giving the Big East 2 teams in the S16. Duke beats Cal in workmanlike fashion, while Xavier and Purdue survive buzzer beaters which bounce away to complete the Sweet 16.
Darrell Gullatt and Matt Neff are tied atop the leaderboard, and will stay there for at least another four days. Due to the