The Lot

   The lot is located at 1055 Cold Springs Road in Concord, NC.  This is between NC-49 and US-73, just past the new Cabarrus Arena.  The land has been in my wife's family for generations, and my father-in-law is at least the third generation to farm it.  The entire parcel is over 100 acres, but our lot is about 2.5 acres.

 The house sits up on the hill, just in front of the tree line in the picture to the left.  The small tree in the foreground is just to the left of where the house now sits.

This area used to be a riding ring for the family's four horses, and the rest of the hill was devoted to pasture.  The pasture fence was re-routed when the house began construction.


The picture to the right shows the view of the house from the road.  The driveway will cut just to the left of the large oak tree, and come down the hill to the left of the well house. 

In the foreground, you can see the stakes showing the future house corners.

This picture shows the road crossing.  In the distance is my wife's family's farm, and just past the sign you can see the beginnings of the family garden.